Spring Preorder

We have large, mid and late season Highbush blueberry bushes for sale. Prices range from $75-$125 per bush and will produce berries for another 20-50 years, depending on their size.

We will be digging up some large bushes out of a field we find too steep for our pick-your-own customers, so we will have a range of bushes for sale that are already producing delicious, fresh berries that you could harvest from your own front yard over the summer! There are several varieties available and we can help you pick your bushes once in the field.

While most bushes will be available in the spring, some may be available around November.

Important Info:

  • Priced by height & vigor of bush, ranges from $75-$125 per bush

  • 8 to 30 year old bushes - most fruit until 55 to 60 years old

  • Dug by root balls from our fields and dropped into your truck or trailer with a backhoe in the field, 4 of the largest bushes can fit in a 6 ft truck bed or 6 in an 8 ft bed

  • Dig your holes before pick-up so you can plant the bushes ASAP, bushes must be planted at least 5 ft apart & we suggest mulching them

  • Sorted into Mid and Late cropping bushes. If you have a request for a specific variety, please leave a note and we will contact you

  • At least two varieties are needed for successful pollination, hardy in zones 4 to 8 and need p.H. of 4.0 to 5.0 (similar to rhododendrons), bushes prefer full sun, regular water, and good drainage

  • The quality of bushes under 6 ft tall is limited and those who pre-order first will be given priority

  • We prefer cash and pick-up is by appointment only - we will email you to set up an appointment!

    If you want to order more than 15 bushes, we are open to offering bulk discounts

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