In addition to the breathtaking view & rustic charm, Monadnock Berries has become a place many cherish & connect with on a personal level. Whether you grew up coming to the farm or it is your first time here, Monadnock Berries tends to enchant those who see it.

Our Events Span from Memorial day to Columbus day.

What we offer:

  • Outdoor ceremony site with a breathtaking view

  • Four finished bathrooms for guest use

  • Your choice of vendor or ask for our recommendations

  • Rehearsal option on the Friday before your wedding

  • 40x80 sq. ft. semi-permanent tent with side panels and four strings of light

  • Can accommodate up to 200 people

  • 20 wooden farm tables able to seat 10 per table

  • Bride’s Cabin to prepare for your wedding in, can be heated or chilled

  • Our sister company Granite Roots Brewery as a vendor option

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