We are closed for the 2019 picking season. See you next year!

We will reopen in mid-July 2020 for gooseberry, raspberry & currant picking.

We usually open for blueberry picking one week later. Picking is from 8am-5pm daily.



These berries are like sour grapes—or sweet & sour grapes. The green variety is sweeter than the red variety, and the pink are somewhere in between. Many cook with them but our staff love them raw the best! They have thorns, so pick carefully. Gooseberries crop from mid through late July.


red currants

These jewel-like berries are strongly tart-sweet so add a kick to salads, pies, tarts, summer puddings and other baked berry treats. They are often used atop cheesecakes, and in jellies and sauces for meats. Red currants crop from mid through late July.


black currants

Black currants are extraordinarily high in vitamin C, other essential nutrients, and have a strong, unique, earthy flavor that is excellent in pies, jams, jellies and mixed drinks. They pair fantastically with raspberries in jam and sorbets!



We have 12 acres of cultivated blueberries. Our varieties include: Earliblue, Blue Crop, Blue Ray, Collins, Berkeley, Elliot, Coville, Nelson, and Brigitta. One or more of these varieties will be ripe from mid-July to mid-September.



*We have a very limited raspberry crop for the 2019 season*

Raspberries usually crop from mid-July until late July/early August. We grow a few acres of summer raspberries between the home farm and one 1/4 mile before the home farm on West Hill Rd.

Tips for Picking

  • Bring a belt so you can loop your bucket handle through it, allowing both hands free to pick berries.

  • Bring a hat, sunscreen, and water. There is very little shade once you are in the field.

  • You must pick berries into our buckets – lined with perforated bags (so they can breathe). You may bring trays or large containers to tip them into after you pay if you so desire.

  • If it is a wet day bring a raincoat as the bushes will remain wet, and so will you. Plan to dry your berries off in front of a fan & on a layer of paper towels before you store them.

  • Please no smoking or pets on the property, please.